we specialize in food photography and tabletop commercial production

brands and clients

We work for huge companies, local firms and individual clients. Each and every of them is treated in a special way, every project is an important challenge.


We own three independent photo studio spaces and specialize in food photography and tabletop commercial production.

Our two studios are located in a beautiful historical building from 1903 situated in the city centre, in the promiximity of—Klif and Arkadia. All our studios have access to wi-fi and are air-conditioned. Our studio not only provides a wide range of the kitchen facilities and accessories indispensable to produce a successful culinary session but we also offer rentals of studio lighting, photo and film equipment.


Studio nb 3 with 140m2 is situated on the first floor /no lift/. It is arranged as an open space suitable for both photo and film sessions, providing a functional working area, an inviting comfy couch, a book shelf full of recent culinary publications from all around the world plus a spacious, fully equipped kitchen. One of many advantages of our kitchen is that it can be easily rearranged — there is a mobile kitchen island with a cooking panel, the ventilation hood can be removed, cabinet fronts can be replaced.

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Studio nb 5 is situated on the first floor /no lift/. Apart from a big table and a comfortable sofa and a set of armchairs in this 120m2 studio space there are two kitchen areas. The one used as the background for photo and film productions has a concrete wall with white-fronted cupboards. There is also a mobile cooking island with a gas hot plate and a tall cabinet with a built-in oven. The other kitchen annex is a working area with cupboards full of plates, boards and other accessories as well as including a fridge with a freezer, a sink and worktops.
Additionally, this studio has a separate, lockable room with a wardrobe and two makeup seats.

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We have been working together for 8 years. We love our job, we love good food and beautiful design. We still learn, motivate and inspire each other - always looking for new solutions.



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Miód Malina Studio

(First Floor)
ul. Spokojna 7/3
01-044 Warsaw

Andrzej Wyszyński
mobile: +48 601 244 544
mail: mail: andrzej.wyszynski@studiomelon.pl

Justyna Zdziech
mobile: +48 608 266 574
mail: mail: miodmalinajustyna@gmail.com

Łukasz Kozyra
mobile: +48 600 519 504
mail: miodmalinastudio@gmail.com