we specialize in food photography and tabletop commercial production

brands and clients

We work for huge companies, local firms and individual clients. Each and every of them is treated in a special way, every project is an important challenge.


We want you to feel at home here — come, sit, get a cup of great coffee and work in a friendly atmosphere.


Our first 140m2 well-lit studio is located in a historical building in Wola, Warsaw. It is arranged as an open space suitable for both photo and film sessions, providing a functional working area, an inviting comfy couch, a book shelf full of recent culinary publications from all around the world plus a spacious, fully equipped kitchen. One of many advantages of our kitchen is that it can be easily rearranged — there is a mobile kitchen island with a cooking panel, the ventilation hood can be removed, cabinet fronts can be replaced and the back wall with bare wooden shelves can undergo multiple redecorations. The supply room in the studio contains an impressive (yet still growing) collection of accessories indispensable for food styling. There are numerous fabrics, wooden panels, dishes, glasswork and cutlery.

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Second 120m2 space.

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Third 140m2 spacious studio we just finished.

miod-malina-studio-strych-01 miod-malina-studio-strych-02 miod-malina-studio-strych-03 miod-malina-studio-strych-04miod-malina-studio-strych-05


We have been working together for 8 years. We love our job, we love good food and beautiful design. We still learn, motivate and inspire each other - always looking for new solutions.



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Miód Malina Studio

(First Floor)
ul. Spokojna 7/3
01-044 Warsaw

mobile: +48 600 519 504
mail: miodmalinastudio@gmail.com